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Japanese poetry is poetry of or typical of Japan, or written, spoken, or chanted in the Japanese language, which includes Old Japanese, Early Middle Japanese, Late Middle Japanese, and Modern Japanese, and some poetry in Japan which was written in the Chinese language or the ryūka written in Ryukyuan: it is possible to make a more accurate distinction between Japanese poetry written in Japan or by Japanese people in other languages versus that written in the Japanese language by speaking of Japanese-language poetry. Much of the literary record of Japanese poetry begins when Japanese poets encountered Chinese poetry during the Tang Dynasty (although the Chinese classic anthology of poetry,


  • Fujiwara Akiko
  • Takashi Hiraide
  • Toshiko Hirata
  • Iijima Koichi
  • Inagawa Masato
  • Park Kyong-MI
  • Sagawa Chika
  • Ito Hiromi
  • Wago Ryoichi
  • Yagawa Sumiko
  • Yoshioka Minoru
  • Takagai Hiroya

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