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is a prefecture of Japan located in the Tōhoku region of northern Honshu, the main island of Japan.Nussbaum, Louis-Frédéric. (2005). "Provinces and prefectures" in ; "Tōhoku" in . The capital is the city of Akita.


  • Amekko Festival, Odate (February)
  • Kamakura Snow Statue Event, Yokote (February)
  • Tsuchizaki Shinmei Festival, Akita (July)
  • Akita Kanto Festival, Akita (August)
  • Nishimonai Bon Dancing Festival, Ugo (August)
  • Kemanai Bon Dancing Festival, Daisen (August)
  • Kariwano Big Tug Festival, Daisen
  • All Japan Firework Event, Daisen (August)
  • Kakunodate Festival, Senboku (September)

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