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Central Europe or alternatively Middle Europe is a region of the European continent lying between the variously defined areas of Eastern and Western Europe. The term and widespread interest in the region itself came back after the Cold War by the end of the Cold War, which had divided Europe politically into East and West, splitting Central Europe in half.


The time zone used in most parts of the European Union, is a standard time which is 1 hour ahead of Coordinated Universal Time. It is commonly called Central European Time, because it has been first adopted in central Europe (by year):

  • (1890)
  • (1890)
  • (1891)
  • (1893)
  • (1893)
  • (1893*)
  • (1894)
  • (1894)
  • (1904-1918, 1940-onwards)
  • (at least since 1983)

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