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Fart jokes are always funny.



  • What happens when you fart in church? You have to sit in your own pew.
  • Have you ever noticed that elevators smell different to midgets?
  • A guy is at a singles bar. He can feel a huge fart coming on. He heads for the toilets, but there is a line of people already waiting. He is getting desperate and would be very embarrased if other people heard him passing wind. Then he notices a blind woman sitting at a table with her seeing eye dog, and thinks "if I sit at the next table over near the dog and fart, people will think the dog did it." He races over near the dog, and sets one free. The lady says "Fido!!" The guy thinks "Yes...this is working!", and lets out another fart. The lady repeats "FIDO!!!!" The guy thinks "Woo hoo, no one will know it was me," and lets out another fart. The lady screams "FIDO!!!!!! Come here before he shits on you!"

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