Krste Petkov Misirkov, Contribution to Bulgarian dialectology and ethnography

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Krste Petkov Misirkov (; ) (18 November 1874, Postol, Salonica Vilayet, Ottoman Empire – 26 July 1926, Sofia, Kingdom of Bulgaria) was a philologist, slavist, historian, ethnographer and publicist. He published a book and a scientific magazine in which he affirmed the existence of a Macedonian national identity separate from other Balkan nations, and attempted to codify a standard Macedonian language based on the Central Macedonian dialects. A survey conducted in the Republic of Macedonia found Misirkov to be "the most significant Macedonian of the 20th century". For his efforts to codify a standard Macedonian language, he is often c


In several publications Misirkov made an attempt to determine the border between the Serbo-Croatian and Bulgarian languages, including in the Bulgarian dialect area nearly all of Torlakian and Macedonian dialects. Misirkov pointed there, that the population in Pomoravlje is autochthonous and Bulgarian by origin, excluding any later migrations during the Ottoman rule from Bulgaria.

According to Krste Misirkov, Krali Marko epic songs in Serbia, the so-called Bugarstici are a result from Bulgarian musical influence over the Serbian folk music.

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