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Krste Petkov Misirkov (; ) (18 November 1874, Postol, Salonica Vilayet, Ottoman Empire – 26 July 1926, Sofia, Kingdom of Bulgaria) was a philologist, slavist, historian, ethnographer and publicist. He published a book and a scientific magazine in which he affirmed the existence of a Macedonian national identity separate from other Balkan nations, and attempted to codify a standard Macedonian language based on the Central Macedonian dialects. A survey conducted in the Republic of Macedonia found Misirkov to be "the most significant Macedonian of the 20th century". For his efforts to codify a standard Macedonian language, he is often c


The magazine was meant to include several different scientific disciplines, mostly concerned with Macedonia. The first section of the magazine is made of the introduction, where in general Misirkov elaborates the aims of the magazine and this section was in Macedonian and Russian. The next section of the magazine is the literary section, where Misirkov translated into Macedonian the poem "Traveler" by the Croatian poet P. Preradovic. After the literary section, the magazine includes an analysis about the Balkan propagandas in Macedonia, followed by a political analysis of some of the global events in that period. The last section is statistics, which shows the Macedonian population in Macedonia.

The goals of the magazine were to:

  1. Establish a relationship between the Macedonian national separatists and their opponents, all Balkan people interested in the Macedonian question;
  1. Fight for separate Slavic Macedonian nationality;
  1. Show that the language is individual, it's not Serbian nor Bulgarian and is capable of literary development.

Regarding the opponents of the magazine, Misirkov shares his concern that at the end, the larger, if not to say the largest, part of the Macedonian intelligentsia would be against "Vardar" and its program, because all Macedonian, opponents of the Macedonian national separatism, are convinced, that with money in Macedonia a man can create out of our Macedonians not only Bulgarian, Serbian, Greek or Macedonian, but even Gypsy nationality He also believes that the common people will (also) be against Vardar and his associates, the national separatists, because the idea of the separatists, is hard to be understood by the common people, which is faced up with different kinds of prechments and new ideas'.

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