Krste Petkov Misirkov, View of Misirkov in the Republic of Macedonia

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Krste Petkov Misirkov (; ) (18 November 1874, Postol, Salonica Vilayet, Ottoman Empire – 26 July 1926, Sofia, Kingdom of Bulgaria) was a philologist, slavist, historian, ethnographer and publicist. He published a book and a scientific magazine in which he affirmed the existence of a Macedonian national identity separate from other Balkan nations, and attempted to codify a standard Macedonian language based on the Central Macedonian dialects. A survey conducted in the Republic of Macedonia found Misirkov to be "the most significant Macedonian of the 20th century". For his efforts to codify a standard Macedonian language, he is often c


In the Republic of Macedonia, Misirkov is regarded as the most prominent Macedonian publicist, philologist and linguist who set the principles of the Macedonian literary language in the early 20th century. In some of his writings he identifies the Macedonians as separate nation and the Macedonian as a separate South Slavic language. Also, Misirkov is the author of the first scientific magazine in Macedonian and because of his contributions to the Macedonian national cause, he is regarded as the greatest Macedonian of the 20th century. In his honor, many books and scientific works have been published and the Institute for Macedonian language "Krste Misirkov" is named after him.

There is not an important debate about Misirkov's ethnicity in Macedonia, since he is always regarded as Macedonian as it is obvious in most of his major writings. Since he was not allowed to live in work in Macedonia by the Yugoslav authorities, unwillingly he remained in Bulgaria where he got Bulgarian citizenship since he needed it for his job. Regarding Misirkov's signature under the phrase "Macedonian Bulgarian", the Macedonian historians and linguists argue that it means nothing but a Macedonian person with a Bulgarian citizenship, in a political sense, or just a Macedonian person living in Bulgaria. However, the fact is that Misirkov gained Bulgarian citizenship after World War I (1915-1918) and has declared as Bulgarian Macedonian in 1913, which is against the claims of the Macedonian historians and linguists. The most quoted and most popular Misirkov's thought in Macedonia is:

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