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Oxford spelling (or Oxford English Dictionary spelling) is the spelling used by Oxford University Press (OUP), including in its Oxford English Dictionary (OED), and other publishers who are "etymology conscious", according to Merriam-Webster. Oxford spelling is best known for its preference for the suffix -ize rather than -ise. Apart from OUP, British dictionary publishers that use it include Cassell, Collins, and Longman. However, Oxford University itself does not follow the OUP/OED spelling and recommends -ise for use by own staff in its style guide. In digital documents, Oxford spelling may be indicated by the language tag en-GB-oed.


  • IANA Language Tag Registration Form for en-GB-oedAskOxford: Are spellings like privatize and organize Americanisms?British Medical Journal: -ize rightWorld Wide Words: The endings "-ise" and "-ize"An Introduction to Late Modern EnglishCopyright: Attribute—Share Alike

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