Roman Kingdom, Legendary kings of Rome

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The Roman Kingdom () was the period of the ancient Roman civilization characterized by a monarchical form of government of the city of Rome and its territories.


Astronomical year numbering

ImageSize = width:800 height:75

PlotArea = width:700 height:50 left:65 bottom:20

AlignBars = justify

Colors =

id:time value:rgb(0.7,0.7,1) #

id:period value:rgb(1,0.7,0.5) #

id:age value:rgb(0.95,0.85,0.5) #

id:era value:rgb(1,0.85,0.5) #

id:eon value:rgb(1,0.85,0.7) #

id:filler value:gray(0.8) # background bar

id:black value:black

Period = from:-753 till:-509

TimeAxis = orientation:horizontal

ScaleMajor = unit:year increment:50 start:-753

ScaleMinor = unit:year increment:5 start:-753

PlotData =

align:center textcolor:black fontsize:10 mark:(line,black) width:15 shift:(0,-5)

bar:Rulers color:era

from:-753 till:-717 text: Romulus

from:-717 till:-673 text: Pompilius

from:-673 till:-642 text: Hostilius

from:-642 till:-616 text: Marcius

from:-616 till:-579 text: Priscus

from:-579 till:-535 text: Servius

from:-535 till:-509 text: Tarquinius

bar:  color:filler

from: -753 till: -614 text:Early

from: -614 till: -544 text:Middle

from: -544 till: -509 text:Late

Dates are approximate, consult particular article for details

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