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The Slavic languages (also called Slavonic languages), a group of closely related languages of the Slavic peoples and a subgroup of Indo-European languages, have speakers in most of Eastern Europe, much of the Balkans, parts of Central Europe, and the northern part of Asia.


The following tree for the Slavic languages derives from the Ethnologue report for Slavic languages. It includes the ISO 639-1 and ISO 639-3 codes where available.

East Slavic languages:

    • Belarusian: ISO 639-1 code: be; ISO 639-3 code: bel;
    • Ukrainian: ISO 639-1 code: uk; ISO 639-3 code: ukr
      • Rusyn (a language or a dialect of Ukrainian): ISO 639-3 code: rue;
  • Russian: ISO 639-1 code: ru; ISO 639-3 code: rus

West Slavic languages:

    • Polish: ISO 639-1 code: pl; ISO 639-3 code: pol
      • Silesian (see footnote above): ISO 639-3 code: szl
        • Slovincian (a language or a dialect of Kashubian)—extinct
    • Polabian—extinct: ISO 639-3 code: pox
  • Czech-Slovak section
    • Czech: ISO 639-1 code: cs; ISO 639-3 ces
    • Knaanic or Judeo Slavic—extinct: ISO 639-3 code: czk
    • Slovak: ISO 639-1 code: sk; ISO 639-3 code: slk

South Slavic languages:

  • Western Section
      • Bosnian: ISO 639-1 code: bs; ISO 639-3 code: bos
      • Croatian: ISO 639-1 code: hr; ISO 639-3 code: hrv
      • Serbian: ISO 639-1 code: sr; ISO 639-3 code: srp
    • Slovene: ISO 639-1 code: sl; ISO 639-3 code: slv
  • Eastern Section
    • Bulgarian: ISO 639-1 code: bg; ISO 639-3 code: bul
    • Macedonian: ISO 639-1 code: mk; ISO 639-3 code: mkd

Para- and supranational languages

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