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The South Slavic languages are one of three branches of the Slavic languages. There are approximately 30 million speakers, mainly in the Balkans. These are separated geographically from speakers of the other two Slavic branches (West and East) by a belt of German, Hungarian and Romanian speakers. The first South Slavic language to be written (the first Slavic language) was the dialect spoken in Thessalonica, now called Old Church Slavonic, in the ninth century AD. It is retained as a liturgical language in some South Slavic Orthodox churches in the form of various local Church Slavonic traditi


  • South Slavic languages
    • Eastern
    • Transitional
      • Torlakian dialectTorlakian can be treated as the part of both the Eastern South Slavic group and the Western. Speakers generally identify as ethnic Serbs, Bulgarians and Macedonians depending on their country of origin. Most Torlakian dialects are spoken in Serbia, and thus considered Serbian.
        • Prizren-South Morava subdialect (Ekavian): Serbia, Kosovo, and Macedonia
        • Svrljig-Zaplanje subdialect (Ekavian): Serbia
        • Timok-Lužica subdialect (Ekavian): Serbia and Bulgaria
        • Belogradčik subdialect (Ekavian): Bulgaria
    • Western
        • Šumadija-Vojvodina subdialect (Ekavian): Serbia
        • Kosovo-Resava subdialect (Ekavian): Serbia and Kosovo
          • Smederevo-Vršac lect (Kosovo-Resava) (Ekavian): Serbia
        • Zeta-Raška subdialect: Montenegro (Podgorica) and Serbia
        • Herzegovina subdialect: Bosnia and Herzegovina (Goražde), Serbia (Užice), Montenegro, and Croatia (Dubrovnik) (Standard Croatian, Serbian, and Bosnian)
        • Ikavian accent: Croatia (Sinj) and Croats in Tomislavgrad (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
        • Lastovo subdialect: Croatia
        • Zagorje-Međimurje subdialect: Croatia
        • Križevci-Podravina subdialect: Croatia
        • Turopolje-Posavina subdialect: Croatia
        • Prigorski subdialect: Croatia
        • Donja Sutla subdialect: Croatia
        • Goranski subdialect: Croatia
      • Littoral Slovene: Primorsko; west Slovenia and Adriatic
      • Rovte Slovene: Rovtarsko; between Littoral and Carniolan
      • Upper and Lower Carniolan: Gorenjsko and Dolenjsko; central; basis of Standard Slovene
      • Styrian: Štajersko; eastern Slovenia
      • Pannonian or Prekmurian: Panonsko; far eastern Slovenia
      • Carinthian: Koroško; far north and northwest Slovenia
      • Resian: Rozajansko; Italy, west of Carinthian

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