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Special-purpose districts or special district governments in the United States are independent governmental units that exists separately from, and with substantial administrative and fiscal independence from, general purpose local governments such as county, municipal, and township governments. As defined by the U.S. Census Bureau, the term special district governments excludes school districts. In 2007, the U.S. had more than 39,000 special district governments.


All of the following examples have been found by the U.S. Census Bureau to be special districts.U.S. Census Bureau 2007 Census of Governments Governments Organization See the Census of Governments Government Organization publications at a depository library or visit http://www.census.gov and select Governments Division.

  • Alabama: Alabama Municipal Electric Authority (special act)
  • Alaska: regional electrical authorities (general law)
  • Arizona: drainage districts (general law)
  • Arkansas: fire ant abatement districts (general law)
  • California: Lower San Joaquin Levee District (special act)
  • Colorado: ambulance districts (general law)
  • Connecticut: Pomperaug Valley Water Authority (special act)
  • Delaware: tax ditches (general law)
  • Florida: Daytona Beach Racing and Recreational Facilities District (special act)
  • Georgia: airport authorities (special acts)
  • Hawaii: Office of Hawaiian Affairs (constitutional amendment)
  • Idaho: auditorium districts (general law)
  • Illinois: Chicago Transit Authority (special act)
  • Indiana: Northwest Indiana Regional Development Authority (special act)
  • Iowa: library districts (joint or regional) (general law)
  • Kansas: industrial districts (general law)
  • Kentucky: Louisville-Jefferson County Air Pollution Control District (general law with special application)
  • Louisiana: Abbeville Film and Visitors Commission District (special act)
  • Maine: cemetery districts (special acts)
  • Maryland: water and sewer authorities (general law)
  • Massachusetts: Goose Pond Maintenance District (special act)
  • Michigan: recreation authorities (general law)
  • Minnesota: Metropolitan Mosquito Control District (special act)
  • Mississippi: lighting districts (special acts)
  • Missouri: Jackson County Sports Complex Authority (special act)
  • Montana: county rail authorities (general law)
  • Nebraska: Omaha Metropolitan Utilities District (general law with special application)
  • New Hampshire: housing authorities (general law)
  • New Jersey: port authorities - 1948 law (joint or regional) (general law)
  • New Mexico: cotton boll weevil control districts (general law)
  • New York: Hyde Park Fire and Water District (special act)
  • North Carolina: Research Triangle Regional Public Transit Authority (special act)
  • North Dakota: vector control districts (general law)
  • Ohio: new community authorities, special improvement districts, transportation improvement districts (general law)
  • Oklahoma: public library systems (general law)
  • Oregon: geothermal heating districts, port authorities -1909 (general law)
  • Pennsylvania: Philadelphia Regional Port Authority (special act)
  • Rhode Island: East Providence Special Development District Commission (special act)
  • South Carolina: Myrtle Beach Air Base Redevelopment Authority (executive order)
  • South Dakota: television translator districts (general law)
  • Tennessee: utility districts (general law)
  • Texas: Palacios Seawall Commission (special act)
  • Utah: irrigation districts (general law)
  • Vermont: Vermont Public Power Supply Authority (special act)
  • Virginia: Buchanan County Tourist Train Development Authority (special act)
  • Washington: hydroelectric resources authorities (general law)
  • West Virginia: Hatfield-McCoy Regional Recreation Authority (special act)
  • Wisconsin: local professional baseball park districts (general law)
  • Wyoming: resort districts (general law)

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