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A standard language (also standard dialect or standardized dialect) is a language variety used by a group of people in their public discourse. Alternatively, varieties become standard by undergoing a process of standardization, during which it is organized for description in grammars and dictionaries and encoded in such reference works. Typically, varieties that become standardized are the local dialects spoken in the centers of commerce and government, where a need arises for a variety that will serve more than local needs. A standard language can be either pluricentric (e.g. English, German, [[Pluricentr


Filipino is the standardised form of the Manila dialect of Tagalog, and is an official language of the Philippines. Most regions of the Philippines have a different Philippine language as their first language, but all Filipinos learn Tagalog in school. Tagalog is thus used as the lingua franca. National television is almost exclusively in Tagalog. National printed media are sometimes in Tagalog but more often in English.

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