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The VOTOTO website hosts an experimental project in creative collaboration. Our vision is to build an electronic reference compilation of unparalleled AUTHORITY on every topic conceivable to humanity, providing freely available information on every subject conceivable today and tomorrow.

To make this vision a reality, WE NEED YOUR HELP.

Democratic Editorial Control

Unlike wiki projects that operate as "smart mobs," we rely on the authority of democracy to effect editorial control. For example, any consenting person can try to improve the compilation by submitting candidate revisions to challenge incumbent entries. Elections determine whether any candidate revision replaces an incumbent entry.

To vote, simply register, follow election rules, use your common sense, and do your best. Your deliberative efforts will enhance compilation authority over time.

Online Economy

Our online economy is designed to reward good works and to deter mischief. Totocash, the official currency of the Vototo project, is awarded according to accepted economic principles. For example, taking time to vote, submitting a winning revision, and other productive actions typically result in a proportional grant Votocash, a preferred form of Totocash.

In contrast, unsuccessful revision submissions result in no award of Totocash. Potentially negative acts require advance payment of Totocash. For example, submitting a challenging revision late in a crowded election contest is a potentially negative act because it uses up an important resource--voters' time.

Unlike many wiki-based projects, we do not expect anyone to work for us for free. Votocash earnings may be redeemed for merchandise and services.


The Vototo experiment is a commercial venture that is intended to be supported in substantial part through the sale of Totocash. In return, Totocash may be used to pay entry fees for crowded elections and to buy future ad space.

Make the vision a reality. Sign up and BUY TOTOCASH TODAY.

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