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Elections on the Vototo website is governed by these rules, and Vototo Terms of Use and Service. Please review these rules carefully. These rules apply to both registered account holders and unregistered visitors.


The Vototo project welcomes both registered and unregistered participants. Among other advantages to membership, registered account holders may hold Totocash. unregistered participants may not.


Anyone, registered or not, is free to create an new entry (initial incumbent entry). Entry content may be modified only through elections.

Revisions may be submitted to challenge an incumbent entry during a submission period. Once the submission period is closed, the voting period opens. For any election, each voter may vote for only one version (the incumbent entry or a challenging revision). Registered account holders may modify their submissions or votes up the the close of the submission and voting periods, respectively.

Submissions: The submission period opens when: (1) a new entry is created; or (2) a first challenging revision is submitted to challenge an incumbent entry that is not new. The submission period closes twenty-four (24) hours later. We reserve the right to delete any submission deemed harmful to the Vototo compilation without notice. Exemplary harmful material include unauthorized copyrighted material not subject to fair use protections, defamatory materials, obscenities, etc.

Voting: Registration for a personal account is required for voting. The voting period is open for twenty-four (24) hours after the close of the submission period if one or more challenging revisions are submitted. If no version (incumbent entry or challenging revision) meets the winning criterion after twenty-four (24) hours, the voting period is held open for overtime voting until the winning criterion is satisfied. The version (incumbent entry or challenging revision) with the highest number of votes exceeding two (2) wins. Newly created entries (initial incumbent entries) win automatically if no challenging revision is submitted within twenty-four (24) hours of their creation. Winners become (or remain) incumbent entries.


Totocash is the official currency of the Vototo Project and may be required for participation in Vototo elections. For more info, CLICK HERE.

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