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U.S. Patent Application Serial No. 11/781,693, entitled "ELECTION-BASED ELECTRONIC COMPILATIONS," describes Vototo technology in detail. The Abstract of the patent application is reproduced below:

"Electronically published compilations are provided. The compilations typically include a plurality of incumbent entries that are subject to replacement by candidate revisions through successive elections by an electorate of voters, e.g., human voters. Also provided are methods for improving existing compilations through elections. Election rules, history, dates and times, and election results may provide a measure of quality of the winning revision. Such compilations, when properly designed and implemented, may be viewed as an authoritative reference work that may ultimately serve as a “Rosetta Stone” for a semantic web."

Curious about the Web 3.0 technology behind the "Rosetta Stone for a Semantic Web?" Pursuant to applicable law, the United States Patent and Trademark Office may not publish this patent application for at least 18 months from its earliest effective filing date. As a result, this patent application may not be available anywhere but here.

Each holder of a Vototo account with $5000 TC is entitled to a single copy of the patent application upon request.

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