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The Vototo website hosts a pilot-stage experiment in collaboration and common sense.

Got an opinion? Think you're right? Let the world decide! Your submissions and votes will allow Vototo technology to voice humanity's collective wisdom according to the principles of democracy. The goal is to create an electronic reference compilation of unsurpassed AUTHORITY on every topic conceivable to humanity.

===SIGN UP and change the world.

CREATE A NEW ENTRY. Or, do a SEARCH. Techies and science geeks may want to check out the entries on Pluto, global warming, and patents. SEXY entry topics include lingerie, the little black dress, and uh...Bill Clinton. Speaking of ex-Prez Bill, those interested in politics may wish to check out the entries on George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Barack Obama, and Nancy Pelosi.

IMPROVE the entries or VOTE to earn Votocach. Or, check out a random entry for kicks.

Enjoy! Your voice counts.

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Voicing the ONLY opinion that counts

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