West Germanic languages, The reconstruction of Proto-West-Germanic

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The West Germanic languages constitute the largest of the three traditional branches of the Germanic family of languages and include languages such as German, English, Dutch, Afrikaans, the Frisian languages, Low Saxon languages and Yiddish. The other two of these three traditional branches of the Germanic languages are the North and East Germanic branches, the latter of which is now extinct. English is part of the North Sea Germanic branch of the West Germanic languages, although some linguists claim that English is more similar to the [[North Germanic languages|North Germa


Several scholars like H. F. Nielsen (1981, 2001), G. Klingenschmitt (2002) and K.-H. Mottausch (1998, 2011) have published reconstructions of Proto-West-Germanic morphological paradigmas and many authors did reconstruct some Proto-West-Germanic morphological forms or lexems. In 2013, the first comprehensive reconstruction of the Proto-West-Germanic language has been published by the German Indo-Europeanist Wolfram Euler.

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